Our Mission

We strive to provide premium quality sea moss and excellent service to all our customers. From harvest to you, sustainable farming practices and fair prices empower our farmers with much-needed resources for self-support, and that of their community at large.

Our Euchema Cottonii Sea Moss is a type of red algae that is amazing because of its nutritional content and carrageenan Kappa, which is the gold standard for binding, gelling, and is a thickening agent to improve food texture. Sea Moss is nutrient-dense which anecdotally and historically is touted for promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sea moss farming has positive effects on carbon sequestration and ocean biodiversity, and provides a habitat for fish stock, and other marine life, bringing blue wealth from an economic perspective. Together, let’s plant one seed, or many, for ocean ecosystem health and ultimately for yours and mine. 14 Degrees Sea Moss is our gift from the ocean to you.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We take collective responsibility for the sustainability of the earth’s resources, and although this is a work in progress, we try as much as possible to use 100% compostable and oxo-degradable stand-up pouches that are plant-based.

Food Safety Management System

We have implemented food safety management systems at our licensed facility in the USA. Our sea moss is packaged in accordance with current good manufacturing practices and HACCP.

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Contact Us

About Us

Welcome to 14 Degrees. We’re glad that you have gravitated to our store, and hope that we will quickly become your number 1 choice for Sea Moss and our other natural, sustainable, eco-friendly products.

We often reminisce about island life in the Caribbean, and still enjoy the sun, sea and sand whenever possible. The archipelago, divided by the sea, created nuances in our culture, our dialects maybe, but our pride, hospitality, warmth, and our willingness to share unite us, and make us very interesting as a people. We are resourceful and passionate about the people and things we love. So many of our customs have been passed from generation to generation, like the advantages of plant based diets.

Sea Moss and indigenous plants have been part of the human diet for many years, used as folk medicine, for the slightest cough, cold or other ailment by our grandparents. We were lucky to entrusted in their care, mostly during our fun loving childhood vacations near the rivers and the sea. Oftentimes, they would proudly use whatever had taken root in their gardens to nurture us, though much to our chagrin, came the one time, annual detox. The delicious, creamy Sea Moss drink infused with nutmeg, cinnamon that followed was always the saving grace.

With the passage of time, we have come of age, and the nutritional value of the Sea Moss used for decades by our family, are better understood.

We feel so privileged to be able to share our Gold and Purple Sea Moss with you.